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Surviving Riyadh

What Are The Restrictions Imposed Upon Women In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

What Are The Restrictions Imposed Upon Women In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

The six speakers from HCA touched subjects such as: Riyadh in general, culture, restrictions, rules and regulations, dress codes (especially for women), benefits, vacation, sick day, etc. There were anecdotes and jokes. Breaks were offered between lectures, questions and answers. Those who previously had been in Riyadh were asked to talk about their experiences.

Lunch was served with plenty of food. As I listened to the lectures, I recalled the kind of life I used to have while living with the nuns as a teacher in the Philippines. It was worse. I started to wonder whether I would last.

The ladies were told not to be with a man without a chaperone, a married couple. The ladies had to wear their scarves and abayas while in public and not to travel alone. The lectures ended with instructions on what to do with our luggage, restrictions on the luggage weights and sizes, the paperwork needed on our trip, where we would assemble the next day.

After the orientation, we had a group picture and had dinner. After dinner, anybody interested in going out could do so. I decided to stay. I went to my room and prepared the things I needed for the next day. I put new tags to my suitcases. My passport, plane tickets, etc. were placed in one of my handbag pockets. I read the instructions one more time to be sure I had everything ready. I went to bed.

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