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Surviving Riyadh

What Restricted And Prohibited Materials Were Violated While In Riyadh?

What Restricted And Prohibited Materials Were Violated While In Riyadh?


I violated some restricted and prohibited materials while residing in Riyadh. The first one was when an American friend and I were invited by our male friends’ house warming. They could not get along with their assigned roommates and they decided to rent a house. One of them volunteered to pick us up in his car. We were not allowed to go out with a single male without the presence of married couple to chaperone us, thus breaking the law.

They had lots of visitors, American, British and Canadian expatriates. Some of them had been residents of Riyadh for over 10 years and enjoying it. Alcohol drinks were served. Alcohol was a prohibited material.

As the evening progressed, some were drunk. I was scared. What if their neighbors would report us. The guardhouse was just a few houses away.

Their visitors also talked about how people made their own wine while in Saudi Arabia. I could not believe what I was hearing. A British lady was drunk and started talking about her adventures with men. She claimed that she had lots of husbands.

She enjoyed traveling with male friends. If the guards stopped them, both would claim they were married. The guards would let them go. Sometimes the guards would ask for their marriage license. They would reply that it was left home for safe-keeping.

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