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Surviving Riyadh

What Were Behind Those Covered Faces?

What Were Behind Those Covered Faces?


They covered their faces, their voices familiar but unfamiliar faces. A Saudi woman friend and co-worker invited me to her party. It would be held at the apartment complex. I didn’t bother to dress up believing the Saudi women would be wearing their regular outfit at work.

I arrived early. She opened the door. Gone was her black cloak and veil. I saw an unfamiliar face but a very familiar voice. It was the first time I saw her face. She saw my expression. She smiled and told me that female only wore their cloaks and veils when they were in public or in the presence of a male.

One by one, the Saudi women arrived removing their coverings. Light complexioned, beautiful and modern women emerged. They wore make-ups, painted lips, polished nails and beautiful long dresses.
Some of them were young and very friendly. One by one they introduced themselves. Some voices were very familiar because I heard those voices at work. It was a surprised and a pleasure to see their faces behind those veils. They were very excited especially the young ladies. They talked about their dresses, displaying them, how they were chosen, and etc. Some sewed their own dresses and very proud of it.

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