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Surviving Riyadh

Why I Have A Stress Free Life In Costa Rica

Why I Have A Stress Free Life In Costa Rica


When I decided to take my vacation to Costa Rica I made up my mind to enjoy my life no matter what kinds of challenges I would be facing. This decision is making my life stress free now.

Not knowing anybody in Costa Rica, I was fortunate to know a Costa Rican lady via the internet who was looking for somebody to share her apartment. I later found out that she is a teacher and speaks English. I’m learning a lot about the Costa Rican culture through her.

Every time I go out I encounter challenges communicating with individuals who can’t speak English. First of all, I ask the person I talk to if he/she speaks English. Most of the time that person refers me to someone who speaks English. If there’s no one, I still manage to accomplish what I intend to do with my limited Spanish and laugh at the way I accomplish it.

I used to be stressed out standing in line, but here I wait in line as patiently as the rest of the people do. I've witnessed a situation where people stayed in lines for hours without any complaint.

Crossing the streets can be so stressful, but I take as much time as I can until I’m sure I’ll be safe crossing the streets. There are drivers here who will not bother to slow down even if they see somebody crossing the streets. I almost had accidents twice. I keep reminding myself to be very careful whenever I cross the streets.

Lot’s of construction is going on where I reside. The noise is sometimes intolerable. However, I don’t allow the noise to upset me. I just focus my attention to whatever I’m doing.

So far I’m enjoying my life here, loving the weather, enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables but most of all enjoying my encounters with the friendly Costa Ricans.



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