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Why Oppose the Repeal Of The Health Care Reform Law

Why Oppose the ‘Repeal of the Health Care Reform Law (Bill No. 2009)’


 On April 8, 2009, a rainy and cloudy day, hundreds of people who are members of

several groups of organization in Oregon started marching toward the State

Capitol chanting “We want health care reform now! We want health care reform

” These are Oregonian who worked hard to fix a broken health care in America

and they succeeded by the passage and signing of the Health Care Reform Law.


First, the children

A.    This bill prevents insurers to deny coverage of children born with or

develop costly medical condition. Prior to the bill, insurers denied this

coverage to these children.

B.    It bans insurers to exclude children under age 19 due to preexisting

conditions. This took effect September 23, 2010. Prior to the bill, the insurers

excluded children with preexisting condition.

C.    Preventive care given to children such as immunizations and check-ups to

prevent future problems.

D.    Coverage for children up to 26 years old on a family policy, instead of

the current state-by-state rules that often cut off coverage for children at 18

or 19.


Second, the adults


A.    The bill ensures that individuals can choose the primary care doctor or

pediatrician from their plan’s provider network.

B.    Companies will not be able to require an individual to get prior

approval before seeking emergency care which previously required.

C.    This law improves the health of Americans by making sure that high risk

individuals have insurance reducing premature deaths.

D.    High medical costs contribute to some degree to about half of the more

than 500,000 personal bankruptcies in the U.S. in 2007. This law will prevent

insurers to drop you because of your medical conditions, thus allowing

individuals to save.

Third, the seniors

A.    The uninsured are clearly the biggest beneficiaries of this bill, which

would extend the health care safety net for the lowest-income Americans,

normally the seniors.

B.    A $250 check rebate is provided to Medicare Part D beneficiaries who

enter the ‘doughnut hole’, the coverage gap in 2010 by the Medicare, Medicaid


C.    The bill allows wellness and prevention services to seniors. Annual

checkups to cancer screening will be free for those who receive Medicare, no

co-pays or deductibles required by Fall, 2011.

D.     Medicare patients will have access to a comprehensive health risk

assessment and free personalized prevention plan to help them and their doctors

continue to focus on wellness instead of illness.  

Keywords: health care reform, children, adults, medicare, primary care doctors

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