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Surviving Riyadh

Would I Accept The Job Offer This Time?

Would I Accept The Job Offer This Time?

After her interview, my friend excused herself to go to the restroom. It was a signal for Sultan’s companion to leave us. I was ready for my interview. Alone with Sultan, I crossed my legs and faced him. Months prior to this meeting Sultan called me at work and offered me the job but I rejected his job offer. This time he asked me if I could show him proof of my accomplishments such as publications that I co-authored, annual evaluations and certificates. I told him, I intended to carry these items but decided to leave them at home because it was raining so hard. I carried an umbrella instead.

He said that with my expertise in the laboratory, I would be an asset to his group. He couldn’t give me the salary that I was making because he had to follow the hospital’s budget guidelines. Another problem was Mike. He would complain if he found out. Mike was in-charge of the lab for many years. I was surprised at his comments. Why would Mike complain if I was more qualified? Sultan replied that sometimes he thought he was the best. For the second time I rejected the job offer.

He looked very disappointed. He wanted me to try the job and if I found out it was not for me, I would be free to come back anytime. He was just asking me to try it. At that time I wasn't interested. He stood up and said he hoped I would change my mind. We went to search for my friend and his companion. Out of curiosity, I asked him how he knew it was me and not my friend.

He replied that my friend and I were so different and he wondered why we were friends. After the interview, he took us to lunch with what he called a better restaurant for the ladies, than the one he and his companion used to go. It was 3:00 p.m. when I told everybody that it was time to go home. The rain was pouring and the traffic would be a disaster. When we were at the lobby, he asked my friend to convince me to accept the job. We said our goodbye.

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