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Surviving Riyadh

Would I Accept The Job Offered?

Would I Accept The Job Offered To Me?

I could not make up my mind whether to accept the job offered or not. I needed answers to lots of questions. I called the Saudi Arabia consulate office and requested materials that would help me learn more about their culture. I went to the library and buried myself with information about the country. I was referred to people who had been in the country.

I was overwhelmed with problems. Once I accepted the job, I had to decide what to do with my house, how to inform my supervisor that I was leaving, who was going to take care of my mother, and etc. The representative from HCA told me I had two months to finish all the requirements I needed to leave the country. There would be three references from my former supervisors, medical and dental reports, police clearance, passports, and other requirements. The batch of recruits would be leaving on December.

Keywords: job offer, Saudi Arabia consulate, culture, information, country, medical and dental reports



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